This digital marketing discipline is already considered one of the best for generating a positive ROI. So imagine how much more revenue a brand could make when the officer at the helm of a campaign has complete mastery of it. In addition, 79% prefer to attend events organized by affiliate networks to meet and forge positive relationships with prospective partners. Clearly, merchants heavily rely on third parties to build and increase their affiliate bases. 83% of businesses use affiliate network databases for publisher recruitment. The desire for greater future affiliate marketing usage is an indication of the channel’s viability.

In the end, the advertiser may end up paying for sales and installs that have naturally occurred and lose the ability to properly assess the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. The network takes pride in its extensive reach made up of no less than 70 premium digital media properties. Rakuten provides advertisers and publishers with comprehensive reporting packed with competitive intelligence gleaned from proprietary data, derived from millions of consumers.

AI Podcast S10 Ep4 Behind the Mic: Affiliate Trends for 2023 with Lisa Riolo

There are many services helping to get insights into demographic information. You can use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic. Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms also provide businesses with solutions to monitor audiences. You should constantly look for ways to improve your offer to both buyers and affiliates, to gather even more information, and use it more efficiently. You can learn a lot about these by looking at what your competitors are doing.

analyzing affiliate statistics

How successful are you at converting website visitors into buyers? Consider looking at your more successful competitors and learning from them. Joining competitors’ affiliate programs – You will need an affiliate account for that, but the effort of creating it will be worth it. Inspiration for your affiliate program terms and presentation. Just as you compete with other brands for buyers, you compete with other merchants for affiliates.

Tips on Using Competitive Intelligence Data

Merchants from other countries are on the same spend trajectory, a testimony to the channel’s effectiveness across diverse markets globally. Further, merchants tend to get the longer end of the stick, for publishers typically don’t get sufficient compensation for the value they bring to the table. Nevertheless, competitive brands are likely motivated to invest more to come up with fairer programs in order to be and stay on the good side of valuable publishers. Some may consider 10% insignificant, but it could make a huge impact when spent properly.

analyzing affiliate statistics

Join 1000’s of digital marketers who want to keep up to date with Affiliate Marketing trends across all verticals. Sign up to our weekly Newsletter and stay updated with all our industry news, insights and interviews. The ability to know everything comes through Excel and its many awesome tools for data analysis. The bogus ads on the platform featured free trials of “celebrity-endorsed” products. These offers were actually expensive monthly subscriptions designed to be problematic to cancel. This scheme is all about falsely taking credit for sales and installs.

How to do Competitor Analysis for Affiliate Marketing

Analysis can tell you what’s working for your competitors, and what isn’t. Your company can then use that information to optimize their own strategies. Your company gets a chance to grow, and your strategy team can take notes to help them improve the way your business plans work. If you want to dig deeper into the topic of affiliate conversions, check our guide on how to boost your affiliate business. And join our Supermetrics partner program to earn 20% recurring commissions from each sale. The ‘Audience’ section in Google Analytics helps you understand who your website users are via segmented reports on demographics, location, and audience interests.

analyzing affiliate statistics

Technically, they’re unemployed; instead, they earn their keep by constantly participating in commission-based marketing campaigns. This goes to show that even site publishers that attract more than 100,000 unique monthly views realize that affiliate marketing programs are definite gold mines. Highly visited sites may be able to live off of display advertising mediums alone, but they don’t pass up the chance to diversify their monetization efforts through paid referrals. 83% of publishers use affiliate programs to introduce partner brands to prospective customers. Many brands are just waking up to the unheralded power of social media influencers.

The Relevant Traffic Rate

Publish helpful guest posts on websites that are relevant to your niche. Don’t spam forums and online communities with links to your website. Guest posting is one of the most effective link building strategies. Let’s say your competitor has a backlink from an online forum like Quora. Here’s how you can get a backlink to your website by using the same techniques as your competitors. The last stage of the SWOT analysis is to determine the threats to your affiliate business.

You can use Ubersuggest to see the top pages of your competitors. For each keyword, you can see the Search Volume , where the website ranks in the search results for the keyword , the estimated number of visitors (EST. VISITS), and the SEO Difficulty . You can also see that Google returns some curated lists of yoga blogs.

You can adjust it to your bigger strategy to meet your business objectives. While working for one of their European vendors, the performance team of Booming wanted to optimize their client’s media spend. Not only by looking at the attribution within the affiliate channel, but involving all other channels and their contribution to the bottom line. The channels involved included Google Ads, comparison sites, social media, etc. It’s an advertising model where a company pays a commission to third-party publishers that drive visitors to the company’s website by merchandising a product or service. The role of middleman is played by an affiliate network that measures transactions and facilitates payments or other activities between advertisers and publishers.

Create Custom Data Segments

Build relationships with the most effective partners who generate high referral traffic and have good engagement and conversion rates. After analyzing its affiliate marketing statistics from 2015 to 2018, the ride-hailing behemoth found irregularities in its organic and paid-channel ride app installs and smelled fraud. Uber took legal action against AdAction Interactive, BidMotion, Hydrane SAS, Taptica, and YouAppi in June 2019. The Millionaire Mentor’s Instagram affiliate marketing stats during that 12-month period must have inspired countless social media users to consider pursuing an influencer career. Less than 35% of affiliate marketers do paid ads to boost site traffic.

You can also run a backlink gap analysis and identify all the domains that link to your competitors but don’t link to your site. A free account also enables you to download the MozBar Chrome extension, a fast and effective way of analyzing the authority of websites featured in the search engine results page . The Link Explorer tool is a great way to see the backlinks of your competitors. You can see a detailed breakdown of the keywords your competitor ranks for and how much traffic each keyword drives to their website. There are a bunch of tools you can use to help you conduct a competitor analysis. Market Research To be a successful affiliate you must learn how to research their market before dedicating your precious time.

For example, when setting prices, it’s vital to consider what the market offers right now. Analytics regarding your competitors make it easier for you to build your own unique brand. The publishers allegedly helped My Online Business Education convince thousands of consumers to pay for “business coaching and investment” services costing as much as $60,000. According to the FTC, the affiliates advertised outlandish claims and untruthful testimonials through various channels, including social media platforms, news sites, and live events. It’s a wise move, considering that expertise is a vital ingredient to make it in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Statistics By Affiliate Opinions

To maximize your content monetization efforts, you ought to study every affiliate marketing program that you encounter. It’s imperative that you understand the mechanics and crunch the numbers to determine whether a program is viable enough for you and avoid wasting your time and energy. HubSpot entices marketers with a flat rate commission of up to $1,000 per product with a 90-day cookie duration. Since organizations usually need multiple tools to grow online, you could earn thousands of dollars per referral.

If your competitors’ products are higher priced than yours, you could leverage the price difference to your advantage. If yours are higher-priced, perhaps you should be looking at offering buyers 0 APR payment options, or find additional ways to justify the price difference. The decision of whether to run your affiliate program in-house or on an affiliate network should take into account your competitors. If most of them, especially the most successful ones, run their programs on the same affiliate network, it means that the publishers they work with are there too. It doesn’t make sense to start your affiliate program in-house or on another network and require publishers to take additional registration efforts.

Using state-of-the-art traffic analysis systems, Forensiq can scrutinize billions of requests, feeding these through its multi-layered system and flagging any suspicious activity. It can detect fraudulent behavior from bots, automated devices, and click farms. The secret of how to stand out in a highly competitive market lies in adequately setting up the project. Use insights and research to design your affiliate program landscape before choosing a strategy.

Data to Monitor in Competing Affiliate Programs

This shows you the social media platforms your competitor is using, but you can gain further insight by visiting each platform and checking out their profile. You can reach out to these websites and replicate the strategy your competitor used to get backlinks. Once you’ve analyzed your competitor’s top-performing pages, think about how you can create content on the same topic that is better and more valuable to your audience. why analyzing affiliate statistics and reports is important for a brok You can see the estimated number of visits per month (EST. VISITS), the number of backlinks, and the social media engagement the page has received on Facebook and Pinterest. Ubersuggest is a free SEO keyword research tool that gives you insight into your competitor’s keyword and SEO strategy. If you create an account with Moz, you can run ten free Link Explorer searches to check your top competitors’ backlinks for free.

Choose and click on one of them to see the breakdown into source and medium. We curate the programs that pay cash rather than the programs that compensate the referrer with credits, coupons, or discounts. Programs we select are suitable both for beginners and seasoned affiliate marketers.

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